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About us

” Our vision is cities where it is good to live, walk and ride a bike comfortably and safely.”


How did we get started?


Nextbike Czech Republic was founded in 2018 by Lukáš Luňák and Tomáš Karpov, best friends and long-time hockey teammates. Lukáš grew up in a family of bicycle manufacturers, so he was close to cycling from a young age. When he was finishing his sporting career and starting to return to his roots in the family business, he was attracted to a German buyer of bikes made in Hořice v Podkrkonoší – nextbike 💙

The guys knew bikesharing from their travels and wondered why shared bikes are exported from Hořice to 25 countries in Europe and not to the Czech Republic. They believed that Czechs have a relationship with movement and they like shared bikes.

So they took off – in 2018 they bought the nextbike license and started going around the first town halls with arguments for supporting shared mobility.

The first opening broke out in Lukáš’s home region, Prostějov, in 2019. That year, Havířov and Ostrava boldly and successfully joined in.

In 2020, the guys were joined by a third close friend, Dan Rambousek to help spread the vision of micromobility. That year, the nextbike took off and rolled into 14 more cities.

In this group they gradually managed to take the position of the largest Czech bikesharing, which counts 34 cities, 7 000 city bikes and e-bikes. Nextbikers have already saved over 1,301 tons of CO2 in the air with their rides, which absorb for example 16,000 trees a year.


Step on it with us! There are already 300,000 of us in the Czech Republic, and in such numbers we can influence the shape of urban transport.


1 Get on

  • Fastest transport within 3 km
  • Get around town healthily and gently
  • Easy bike rental and return through the app in 2 seconds
  • Touchless bike unlocking thanks to electronic lock
  • 3 or 8-speed city bikes for the ultimate comfortable ride
  • Rent a bike even in the outskirts of cities
  • With one app you can ride in all 25 cities in the Czech Republic and all over Europe
  • In most cities the first 15 minutes of each ride are free

2 Bikesharing for everyone

Cities & townsMore information

  • The most affordable bikesharing in the Czech Republic and Europe
  • We are a Czech company
  • Variable station systems

CompaniesMore information

  • Attractive advertising space
  • Corporate bikesharing account
  • Own stations

UniverzityMore information

  • Stations at buildings, canteens and dormitories
  • favourable tariffs
  • Image of a sustainable institution

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