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Get ready for a hockey ride!

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The biggest hockey holiday is coming up! The 2024 Hockey World Cup starts on Friday, May 10, and a few changes need to be made to ensure everything goes smoothly. We want to make it easy for spectators heading to the Hockey World Cup to get to and from the stadiums on a shared bike. The nextbike stations will therefore be a little different than usual. What restrictions will we face during the 2024 Hockey World Cup from 8 to 26 May in Prague and Ostrava.



Two nextbike stations will be temporarily out of service. Specifically, the stations JIH Sport Arena and VIT-Ostravar Arena will be replaced by new stations near Ostravar Arena. Thanks to the city’s support, you have 15 minutes free for every ride in Ostrava, so avoid traffic jams and parking problems and arrive at the hockey on your bike!

mapa stanic nextbike během ms v hokeji

Areas where you can find a nextbike station during the Ice Hockey World Championship 2024 are marked in blue.


Some nextbike stations will be deactivated due to traffic shadows being removed and replaced with turn lanes and inaccessibility due to the event. These stations are:

45 547 – P9 – Sokolovská / Kovářská
45 592 – P9 – Českomoravská
45 853 – P9 – Sokolovská / Podvinný mlýn
45 947 – P9 – Sokolovská / Kovářská 2
46 339 – P9 – O2 Aréna – Harfa
48 352 – P9 – Iscare

We will reinforce the nextbike stations around the closed area around the O2 arena: the Libeňské nádraží station, the stations at Sokolovská and Českomoravská streets, and the station at the cycle path along Rokytka.

Don’t forget that our shared nextbikes are at most metro stations. With Lítačka you can use 15 minutes free two rides per day.  

Mapa deaktivovaných stanic v okolí O2 arény

Map of deactivated stations around the O2 Arena during the 2024 World Cup

Join us for a hockey ride! When you decide to go to hockey on a bike, you will enjoy a great sporting experience, but also help minimize traffic problems in Prague and Ostrava.