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Lítačka by Prague Integrated Transport

First 15 minutes free on the nextbike thanks to Lítačka 2 times a day!

Every owner of an electronic ticket for Prague, including an account on, can use the first 15 minutes of the ride for free up to 2 times a day. The connection is very simple and the whole process will take you a few minutes. Let’s do it!

Important info about the project

Who is eligible for Ticket rides?

Anyone who has a valid electronic coupon for Prague – whether on Lítačka, on their mobile phone or other identifier. At the same time, it is necessary to have, or create, an account on – for example, it is also created when buying a coupon in the Lítačka e-shop, its possible creation is a matter of a few minutes.

I have a Lítačka and an electronic coupon, but I don’t have an account, what to do with it

You can create an account on the website. Here I fill in the email and password I want to use to log into my account, it does not have to match my login details to the bikesharing app. I can then add my Lítačka to my account according to its number in the settings in the “My identifiers” section. I can then go to the bikesharing app, where I click on the “Add a ticket” option and use my email and password to log in.

I have forgotten my login details to, what can I do?

In the “Login” menu on the pidlitacka website, you can select both “Forgot Password” and “Resend Activation Email.”

I have the coupon on my phone, but I don’t know the login information.

Just open the PID Lítačka app and click on “forgot password.” This can also be clicked when logging into

Can I rent bikes on a paper coupon?

Unfortunately no, as part of the fall pilot program, bikes can only be rented with a valid electronic coupon uploaded to Lítačka or another identifier.

I am 65+ and ride for free without a coupon. Can I also use the shared bikes on the Ticket?

Unfortunately, in the pilot program, shared bikes on Lítačka are only available to Lítačka owners with a valid coupon.

How do I add my Lítačka to the bikesharing app?

In the app, you will see the option to “Add a Lítačka,” then log in through your Lítačka PID account.

What happens when the coupon expires on my Ticket?

The app will recognize the expired coupon and will not allow further bike share rentals.

How many minutes does my Lítačka pay?

The ticket is valid for the first 15 minutes of the ride. If the user decides to extend the ride, it will be paid according to the standard price list of the bikesharing provider.

How many times a day can I use the free ride on the Ticket?

Each coupon subscriber is entitled to 2 rides of up to 15 minutes per day.

Can I subscribe to more than one bikesharing provider?

Yes, you can sign up for the Lítaka with more than one provider.

Can I take my rental bike anywhere?

Yes, the only condition is that the start and end of the rental must take place in the capital city of Prague.

What if I have a MultiSport card registered with a provider?

The free minutes are cumulative. The PID Lítačka is applied first and after 15 minutes you automatically draw 60 minutes from the Multisport card. 

Can I have one bike borrowed on a Lítaka with one provider and another bike with another provider on one Lítaka at the same time?

You can only borrow one bike from any one provider at a time, so you cannot borrow multiple bikes from different providers at the same time.