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Got a Multisport in your pocket? 

Link it to your nextbike account and get 60 minutes of free riding 2 times a day. Linking is easy and the whole process takes a few minutes. Let’s do it!

1 In the main menu, select the Subscriptions/Partnership section

Depending on the platform and version of the app, the menu item may also be called My tariffs and benefits.

2 Click the ➕ button

You will find it on the top left together with the text “Buy subscription / Add partner”

3 Select Multisport from the menu

You can find it in the Available Partners section.

4 Select "Link with partner"

You’re almost in the final!

5 Add your Multisport number and that's it!

You will find your Multisport card number under the barcode.  

It’s there! From now on, you automatically get 60 minutes free every day for 2 rides on nextbike. Enjoy! 

Important information

Who can ride multisport for free?

All active Multisport cardholders. 

What happens when the Multisport card expires?

The app will recognise the expired card and will not allow further free rides.

How many minutes does the Multisport card pay for?

The Multisport card is valid for the first 60 minutes of the ride.

How many times a day can I use my Multisport free ride?

Each Multisport cardholder is entitled to 2 rides of up to 60 minutes per day.

Can I have a Multisport card with more than one bikesharing provider?

Yes, you can have a Multisport card with more than one provider. 

Can I go anywhere with my rental bike?

Yes, the only condition is that the start and end of the rental must take place at a station in the same city.