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With ODIS +15 minutes free!

Link your annual ticket in Tarif ODIS with your nextbike account and get + 15 minutes for every ride in Ostrava for free!

What does this mean for your rides? When you link your nextbike account (the names on the accounts must match) with the 365-day ODIS time ticket on the ODISka or ZETKA transport card, on a payment card (physical payment card) or in the mobile application, you automatically get 15 minutes free on every ride. When added to the existing 15 minutes that all Ostrava residents get for free on each ride thanks to the city’s support, you’re looking at a total of 30 minutes for each ride. And that’s a lot of traveling!


How to do it?

1 In the main menu, select the Subscriptions/Partnership section

Depending on the platform and version of the app, the menu item may also be called My tariffs and benefits.

2 Click the ➕ button

You will find it on the top left together with the text “Buy subscription / Add partner”

3 Select your version from the menu

add your coupon details and activate your cool rides through Ostrava!💙