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For cities

We are synonymous with sustainable and healthy urban mobility. Our proven system works perfectly in public spaces. Our bicycles always have their place and do not get in the way. We are always a partner for the city and help to create space for safe and sustainable urban mobility with our rental data.

Sustainable urban mobility

Without the car addiction. With minimal impact on space.

Efficiently even without the assistance of cities

We don’t need any assistance to operate efficiently.

Variable stations systems

Choose the appropriate station system for your city.

1 Get on

  • We are already the most affordable bikesharing in the Czech Republic and Europe
  • We are a Czech company and all our bikes are made in Hořice v Podkrkonoší
  • In less than 3 years, we have made over 5500 shared bikes and e-bikes available to the residents of 25 Czech cities, relieving congested roads and contributing strongly to reducing the carbon footprint and making people more comfortable
  • We have been able to extend our contracts with cities, we are a reliable and trusted partner of local governments
  • We don’t need any assistance from cities to operate efficiently
  • We have the solution to create an incentive environment for everyone to use bike share
  • Simple intuitive operation of the system from the perspective of a user of any age
  • Possibility to integrate shared bikes into public transport via smart card

2 Choose a suitable station system


  • Bicycles are available at fixed stations
  • The station is usually signposted to an existing urban cycle station
  • Users are always required to return their bikes to a specific station (restricting free-standing bikes in inappropriate places)
  • Stations throughout the city, including outlying districts
  • We have our own solutions if there is a lack of urban furniture


  • The bike can be rented and returned on any public street in the defined zone
  • Stations are not tied to bike racks, so bikes stand freely in public space Very flexible user option


  • Combination of both systems
  • Maximum availability and flexibility for users
  • E.g. combination of flex zones in the wider city centre and stations in busy locations outside the city centre