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Hradec Králové has its 15 minutes for free

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Hradec Králové has decided to take the plunge into sustainable mobility and is giving its residents a cool gift starting this holiday season


15 minutes free for every ride on nextbike.


We are especially happy about the city’s decision to go the route of promoting bikesharing. Why? Nextbikes are made in Hořice, so they will finally serve everyone in their home region. The city has (so far) won the support for 12 months, so you can experience the magic of all seasons on your bike.


How about free rides?

Free minutes are automatically active. From the 16th minute of the ride onwards, you pay 16 CZK for every 30 minutes. The free minutes have only one condition: you must take a 10-minute break between each ride. The daily maximum number of borrowings is 20.

If you’re looking for longer rides, we recommend checking out our monthly and annual subscriptions, which get you around town for next to nothing.