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How was ther year 2023 for nextbike?

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The year 2023 was about exploration, unforgettable views from the saddle, and new adventures! We decided to tally up how we rode together.

  • When we look at it in terms of biking, you spent 31,362,071 minutes in the saddle! That’s equivalent to 59 years of joy riding, 229 days exploring new routes, and 11 hours of cardio exercise.
  • The Nextbike family grew by another 10 cities and 564 new stations. Your biking adventure could thus kick off at 3,005 stations in 35 cities.
  • Every sixth ride involved MultiSport or lítačka, meaning you made use of millions of bonus minutes for free!
  • Our service team was always on standby. They repaired and returned 1,207 bikes to the streets for you to find them in the stations.
  • Together, we also saved an enormous 649,949 kg of CO2! Nextbike isn’t just a ride; it’s a ride to a more sustainable tomorrow.

Nextbike heroes of 2023

Šimon K. and Oleksii M. traveled through almost the entire Czech Republic. Šimon rode in 15 cities, and Oleksii tried Nextbike in 12 different locations. The most active nextbiker became Marek N. with an impressive 2,323 rentals in a year. That’s an average of 6.6 rentals per day!

Together, we made 2,663,741 rentals and covered 4,150,391 km.

🌟The year 2023 was fantastic, so here we go 2024. Get ready for new cities, new stations and new stories! We’re glad you’re part of the nextbike family.🌟