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Nextbike challenge exceeded expectations

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You exceeded the challenge target by 1,000,000❗️ minutes and saved over 37 tonnes of C🌎2

You could join the biggest Czech shared mobility challenge at any time during June. The aim was to motivate you to use nextbikes for your everyday journeys around the city, to reduce motor traffic and thus reduce the carbon burden of our cities. At the same time, we wanted to promote a healthy lifestyle, which cycling undoubtedly fits into.

You completed the individual blocks of the challenge in terms of minutes cycled, usually over 4-5 days, which opened up a prize draw for prizes ranging from a voucher for a shopping spree at Footshop, to a weekend in Cologne or Amsterdam, to a weekend in Copenhagen. The main goal of the challenge was to ride 3,000,000 minutes on nextbike in the sum of all rides in 1 month. We also tracked the total number of rides and the CO2 savings compared to the same portion of trips by car.

The results confirmed to us that nextbike is fun and, importantly, that smart urban mobility is gaining importance in the Czech Republic. You have exceeded the target for the number of minutes travelled by more than 1 million! Specifically, you spent 4,139,679 minutes in the nextbike saddle in June. This amount of minutes required 299,690 rentals. In terms of CO2, at the start of the challenge we estimated a saving of 33,300 kg compared to car journeys. You beat this threshold too, by just under 4 tonnes. In total, 37 257 kg of CO2 were saved during the nextbike challenge. And that’s quite a lot💪

Thank you to all nextbikers for participating in the challenge and we are already looking forward to next year 🚲💙