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What to wear for cycling in winter?

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Do you know the 3K system?

Winter might be a challenge on Nextbike! But thanks to the 3K system, you’ll handle it like a pro—all you need to remember are three crucial things: covered head, covered neck, and covered hands.

Covered head
Did you know that up to 30% of body heat escapes through the head? Covering it up is one of the quickest ways to warm up during winter rides. Ideally, combine a hat with a helmet for added protection against impacts.

Covered neck
Your jacket might not cover everything—icy wind always finds a way. Don’t forget to wrap a scarf, neck warmer, or a cycling scarf around your neck. When it’s freezing, cover your entire mouth to warm up the inhaled air significantly.

Covered hands
No gloves, no ride! For cycling, thinner waterproof gloves are ideal, but your hands will appreciate any kind, even grandma’s mittens.


Remember! No matter what winter upgrade you got from Amazon, these 3 basics are key!