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Did Radek enjoy winning this year’s nextbike challenge?

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Almost 3,000 nextbikers took part in our nextbike challenge this year, making 299,690 rentals during June and saving 37,257 CO2 on their rides (roughly 200,000 km compared to cars). What a joy! 


The winner of the main prize, a trip to Copenhagen, was Radek. And Radek shared with us his experiences and great photos from this Nordic mecca of urban cycling.

How did you enjoy your trip to Copenhagen?
The long weekend in the Danish capital was definitely a nice change. The weather wasn’t great on our first day, but it was enough to get acquainted with the city quickly. We managed to drive to the sandy beach, a walk through the peculiar semi-independent community of Christiania or a climb to the roof of the modernly renovated incinerator Amager Bakke was also impressive. We also toured the city’s most famous landmarks, Rosenborg and Amalienborg Palaces, Frederiks Kirke Church, Torvehallerne Market, Gefion’s Fountain, the citadel with Kastellet Fortress and the Little Mermaid statue. I also took a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city and went for a run along the Vestvolden fortress line in the local humid and sultry climate, through the forest and among the sheeps. In short, exploring Copenhagen with its throngs of cyclists and characteristic atmosphere was well worth it.


How do you use nextbikes?
I have to say that I have gotten incredibly used to the bike share system over the last year. For getting around Olomouc, bikes are probably the fastest way of transport, so using them saves me a lot of time. I have two racks of nextbikes within 100 m of my home and it’s the same at work, so it’s practically never a problem that there’s no bike at hand. Plus, I don’t have to worry about what happens to my bike after I park it – the hassle of locking it, going back to the same spot, worrying about it at night like I would have to do with my own bike. I use that too, of course, but more for longer trips into the countryside, whereas I haven’t used it for getting around town for a long time. Another advantage is that I can use the bike rental app in many other Czech and foreign cities. And even if sometimes the bike rental system doesn’t quite work as it should, the technical support has always solved any problem in my favour.

Thanks and looking forward to hitting the road again next year!