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People on bikes have a reason to be happy

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The Czech Republic is becoming a paradise for shared bike enthusiasts, thanks to cities investing in cycling infrastructure and promoting modern sustainable mobility. According to the latest CykloRank ranking, some of our cities are excelling in cycling transportation. All 127 Czech cities with over 10,000 residents are ranked based on the number of bike paths, lanes, and cycle lanes. Who triumphed in the ranking, and who lagged behind?

In terms of cycling infrastructure, Uničov, Hradec Králové, and Pardubice are leading among Czech cities. Additionally, two mentioned cities, Hradec Králové and Pardubice, host nextbike! Both locals and tourists, including festival attendees like Rock for People, ride these bikes. Local universities strongly support bikesharing, as nextbikes are an ideal transportation mode for students.

Přerov, where nextbike is breaking rental records, secured the 19th position. Prague ranked 25th, boasting the most pedestrian and cycling paths in the Czech Republic (969 km). On the bottom of the list are South Moravian cities Brno (81st) and Zlín (83rd). Brno, for instance, has only 195 km of bike lanes for its size and struggles, similarly to Prague, with excessive car traffic.

CykloRank Czech Republic 2023 uses a specialized algorithm, awarding more points for secure infrastructure, particularly separated bike lanes. These are key factors encouraging people to choose bikes as their preferred mode of transport in a city.

The authors emphasize that their method isn’t entirely objective but strive for continual improvement. They plan to incorporate additional criteria, such as network connectivity of bike lanes, to further adapt the ranking to local conditions.

We appreciate cities actively supporting cycling as a sustainable means of transport and having 35 members in the nextbike family across the Czech Republic. Thank you for riding! 🚲🌍