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Winter with nextbike: Stay safe and cozy

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Don’t tuck the nextbikes away for winter sleep; hit the streets! You can kick it off even when it’s freezing outside. We’ve got a few tips for you on how to enjoy it safely and comfortably! Check out the list of cities where we ride even in winter.

Reflective elements

In winter, it’s often gloomy and gets dark early, so it’s crucial to be seen! Nextbike has both rear and front lights and reflective elements on the wheels and frame.

TIP! In winter, it’s recommended to have reflective elements on your clothing or, alternatively, keep a reflective vest handy.


A cap and gloves (preferably waterproof) are essential. You don’t need to overdress; after a few minutes of riding, you’ll feel comfortably warm. When dressing, keep in mind that nothing (cap, scarf, etc.) should hinder your peripheral vision, head turning, or perception of city sounds. Be especially careful when temperatures drop to zero.

TIP! After riding in slush, your clothes may get wet, so be prepared and pack something to change into, just in case.

Frozen locks

In sub-zero temperatures, the lock may freeze. If that happens, try turning the rear wheel first and choose “Unlock” in the rental app. If unsuccessful, gently assist the lock with your hand. If that doesn’t work either, provide feedback, or during operating hours, call the nextbike hotline.

Frozen saddles

Nature is a mighty sorceress, and in winter, she might leave you a frosty pattern on the saddle. To avoid “scratching” this artwork in the morning, get a saddle cover. It costs just a few crowns and fits into any pocket.

Watch out for Black ice

Be particularly cautious on so-called black ice, which may look like a dry road at first but can be very dangerous. When ice hits, ride a bit slower and prefer the rear brake. Be careful when turning into a side street, where, compared to the “salted” main road, there might be ice. In general, avoid less-maintained roads and snow-covered tracks.

Safety First

Take care of yourself. In very bad weather and extremely low temperatures, consider switching, for example, to public transportation.